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If you want to be part of a company that creates geopolitical impact, collaborates closely with different governments at senior levels, demonstrating a strong passion and capability to move needles and effect meaningful change, there is no better place than Chenope.

Working at Chenope


These are the elements we believe define our culture:
Organizational Culture and Mission
Innovation and Impact
Work Environment and Flexibility
Employee Well-being and Diversity

Our Job Opportunities

We are hiring to create software research and development labs in a few different areas. These are true R&D labs in the sense that they will be expected to produce commercial products. The current focus is on building development teams for implementing proof of concept and example systems with some of our existing technology.

You must be a citizen of Ukraine, the EU, UK, US, or any allied country.

We are hiring Senior Software Developers with experience in NLP and Large Scale Data Collection.
We are hiring Senior Software Developers with experience in Heterogenous Sensor Fusion and Complex Visualisations.
We are hiring Senior Software Developers across a wide range of areas with experience in Machine Vision, and Robotics.
We are hiring Computational Linguists with experience in building and maintaining Ontologies, Knowledge Engineering, ML, and NLP.