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Senior Software Developer


We are hiring Senior Software Deveopers across a wide range of projects and areas, with experience in Text Analytics, Large Scale Data Collection, Image Processing, Heterogenous Sensor Fusion, Complex Visualization, and Robotics.

  • Category Theory / Applied Category Theory
  • Graph / Hypergraph
  • Topology / TDA
  • Control Theory and Systems
Prior experience with the following nice to have:
  • Java
  • Text Analytics
  • AWS
  • Machine Vision

Specific Areas


Text analytics (multiple positions)

  • Must have an NLP or CL background; IR background also helpful
  • Experience with scalable text-oriented data storage helpful

Image processing (multiple positions)

  • Prior background in machine vision, ML, or image processing
  • Prior experience with scoring images and videos for specific qualitative features helpful

Data collection

  • Must have experience in data collection from a large variety of data sources using both scraping and API’s
  • Must have experience with tools and processes to validate the accuracy of the collection

Heterogeneous Sensor Fusion (primary focus on drones, multiple positions) 

  • Prior work with sensor fusion, multi-evidence systems, or any other type of system in which very different types of data are being combined in order to generate better analytic results.
  • Prior experience with mathematical representations of complex, unstructured data such as hypergraphs.
  • Prior work with large scale data sets, particularly represented in graphs.
  • Prior work analyzing data from sensor types such as infrared, thermal, acoustic, and optical.
  • Knowledge of statistics helpful

Complex Visualization (multiple positions)

  • Prior experience designing & implementing complex visualizations, preferably in military or other mission-critical contexts
  • Strong knowledge of HCI principles
  • Prior experience usability testing and iteratively

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