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Chenope expands its IP portfolio with its latest computational disinformation patent

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Chenope enlarges its patent portfolio again with the first of a series of related patents that address using networks of highly sophisticated bots to counteract coordinated disinformation campaigns

San Francisco, February 29th, 2024 — Chenope expanded its patent portfolio with US patent no. US-2024-0070458-A1

This latest patent describes some of the key context-dependent behaviors of, and constraints on, the bots that are required for such a network of bots to be real world effective.

“For example, there’s a very natural tendency to want to blast every bit of disinformation off the Internet if one could,” said Elizabeth Charnock, CEO of Chenope Inc. “Were this actually possible to do, paradoxically  – and inevitably – it would result in the further pollution of the national information spaces.  Imagine an Internet in which the vast majority of “users” were bots engaging in the bot equivalent of “he said, she said.”   Despite the good intentions, this would effectively neuter the value of the Internet as an important source of free, if sadly not always honest, communication.

“Not all disinformation is equally important, just as all speech is not” continued Charnock. “In fact, most of it is supremely unimportant.  As with anything else in life, one must pick one’s battles. So too must the bots, in order to accomplish anything useful.”

Chenope has now been granted 4 patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on a variety of AI-related topics. Further patent applications are currently pending.

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