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Chenope CEO Speaks at the Kyiv International Forum on Cybersecurity

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On February 8, 2024, Chenope CEO Elizabeth Charnock spoke on the topic of coordinated disinformation campaigns at the first Kyiv International Forum on Cybersecurity. The focus of the conference, at which several Ukrainian Ministers spoke, was national resilience during times of cyberwar – and real war.

Although disinformation is its own quite distinct field, it is a form of cyberthreat. This is to say that it can be identified, measured, and mitigated – but, unfortunately, not outright prevented.  “The level of interest in disinformation at the conference even in the midst of the largest kinetic war since WWII is very heartening” says Ms. Charnock.  “Computational disinformation – whether defensive or offensive – is still a very nascent field. We have identified at least 17 logically distinct definitions of ‘disinformation’ alone, all from apparently credible sources. We see much of our technology mission as making the definition and measurement of disinformation concrete and objective,” continued Charnock. “You can’t effectively fight a thing until you can first agree on what exactly the ‘thing’ is. We hope that in the next year or two, Disinformation will merit its own dedicated conference.”

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