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Chenope expands patent portfolio

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Chenope expands its patent portfolio with a new patent that greatly improves the automated detection of disinformation propagated by entities such as terrorist organizations, even as the disinformation evolves.

San Francisco, February 28th, 2023— Chenope expanded its patent portfolio with US patent no. 11,594,012.

The new patent describes a collection of novel methods for accurately associating content with its actual creator, and addresses rather than avoids serious real world issues in doing so.

“Far too many companies claim that machine learning can solve any disinformation detection problem”, said Elizabeth Charnock, CEO of Chenope Inc. “Yet it is obvious that this cannot be the case.  To the best of our knowledge, our work documented in this patent is the only thing out there that takes into account that disinformation is always changing in response to countermeasures being applied against it. This means what an ML system – or human analyst for that matter – has accurately learned today may not be true in just another month or two” adds Charnock. “Still, others are starting to catch up. Although the patent has just now been issued, multiple patent applications have already been rejected on the basis of it”, notes Charnock.

“Chenope was fortunate enough to interact with some of the very best European deradicalization specialists who provided us great insight into the problems posed several years ago by the quite sophisticated Islamic State recruitment of teenagers. In particular, we thought so highly of Dounia Bouzar’s work that we translated it into English for the benefit of the American IC. This allowed us to understand the types of mathematical modeling and system design that were needed to accurately identify such content” added Charnock.

Chenope has been granted 3 patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on a variety of AI-related topics. Further patent applications are currently pending.

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