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Chenope creates highly innovative analytics technology that provides its customers with unprecedented insight into the behavior of organizations and of the individuals operating within them. Its team is highly experienced in complex, mission-critical data analysis across numerous different industries.

Chenope has acquired the technology of Cataphora, a company whose novel analytic technology garnered international press, and was the recipient of numerous patents and awards.
Chenope is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, with an office on the Silicon Valley seacoast and an internship program with the University of Michigan. We are in the process of opening offices in Edinburgh (U.K.) and Singapore.

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Chenope offers a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge analytics technology whose applications include everything from assisting investors in optimizing their investment strategies to reducing violent crime.

If you can do any of the following things brilliantly well, we want to hear from you. Please note that we only care about what you can demonstrably do. We couldn't care less about how pretty you look (or don't look) on paper.

If you are not based in Silicon Valley, you can choose to work from any of Chenope's global locations. If you are based in Silicon Valley, you should not send us your resume unless you are fed up with the usual little-to-no real revenue, little-to-no deep technology startup scene. But if you want to be part of building a substantive company that is truly admired, work on software that really changes outcomes, and learn "real world" business skills, we could be exactly the right place for you.

Senior Visualization / UI Engineer: Must have substantial skills and experience in both defining and implementing large-scale data visualizations in the context of reasonably complex applications. Should be able to do both web and thick client UI work.

Senior Data Mining Engineer: Must have strong background in IR, NLP, or a similar discipline. You must be able to implement the tools as well as develop the underlying algorithms for this work. We strongly prefer someone with a history of having worked on high-value IR, SNA, or data mining problems and who has the capability to do original work.

Solutions Architect: Must have substantial experience integrating new technology into a mature, very large-scale corporate computing infrastructure.

Senior Research Linguist: Must have good working knowledge of current CL techniques, especially those involving cross-language techniques. Ideally, you can code well, but it is not a must. Likewise, we would prefer someone who is fluent in at least 2 other languages, ideally one of which would be French or German.

We also have some other positions available, so feel free to send us your resume if you have interests and experience in anything related to data analytics.

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