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Chenope is pioneering analytics technology for predicting outcomes related to any kind of organization. Our technology has been proven in complex mission-critical organizational data analysis scenarios with organizations as diverse as Fortune 1000 companies and violent street gangs.

Although the specific objectives of organizations vary considerably with the type of organization, the organizational imperatives are relatively constant. Successful organizations need to both grow and keep their current members engaged. They need their customers to admire them - and their competition to fear them. They all have a command and control structure and at least minimal processes. Most require a profit. These and other similarities allow the same analytics techniques to be used to analyze and make predictions about any type of organization.

Chenope was founded by the same people as Cataphora, whose innovative solutions enjoyed an international reputation.

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Chenope's organizational analytics technology is currently focused on the following markets:

Intelligence and Law Enforcement

Chenope offers a multi-evidence technology approach for detecting both anomalous behavior and changes in behavior occurring within an organizational context. Originally developed for use in CI / Insider Threat investigations, our proven and patented technology combines Social Network Analysis (SNA), Text Analytics, and now Image Analysis. We also have a powerful query language and streaming-oriented search engine to help ensure a high signal-to-noise ratio in any items flagged for human review and / or that flow into predictive models.

Chenope has been building technology in the emerging, highly tradecraft-dependent field of technical targeting for CT with active partnerships with European CVE entities such as Bouzar Expertises , formerly doing business with the French government as CPDSI. For more information, send email to:

Human Capital Management with aon_logo_white_small

In partnership with global HCM market leader Aon, Chenope has developed Aon Vox™ to realistically assess company cultures, and to better understand employee engagement at different stages of the employee lifecycle. Aon Vox™ is designed to help companies analyze qualitative employee feedback from various types of employee-related surveys as well as other corporate data and the Web. Backed by Aon's world-class expertise and leveraging Chenope's patented technology, Aon Vox™ helps companies to recognize specific drivers behind employee delight - and disenchantment - and to identify similarities in beliefs among both highly energized employees and increasingly disconnected ones.

Aon Vox™ extracts constructive suggestions from employee content, and constructs benchmarks of culture and employee experience across companies in different industry sectors and regions based on publicly available online data.

Other HCM use cases include cultural due diligence, assessment of culture change initiatives, and internal investigation. For more information, contact your local Aon representative or send mail to

Portfolio Opportunity & Risk Identification

When is the market misreading what's really going on in a company? Whether the objective is to help read the tea leaves leading up to quarterly earnings announcements, or to track the internal health of a company over time for a long term position, the same technology currently used in HCM and law enforcement can be brought to bear in order to acquire a true insider's view of a target company.

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Chenope is a Virginia corporation, with an office in the San Francisco Bay Area and an international presence in Edinburgh, Paris, and Singapore. Our internationality allows us to provide native-speaker-level text analytics in several languages, and to engage more easily with overseas partners and customers.

Are you fed up with the usual little-to-no real revenue, little-to-no deep technology startup scene? If you want to be part of building a substantive company, work on software that really changes outcomes. and learn "real world" business skills, we could be exactly the right place for you.

Chenope offers a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge analytics technology whose applications include everything from financial services to certain types of counter-terrorism applications.

We are doing business the old-fashioned way - by hiring great people, building products that solve real world problems, being fiscally responsible, and measuring success through sustainable revenue.

We only care about what you can demonstrably do. We couldn't care less about how pretty you look (or don't look) on paper. While we prefer candidates who are in one of our existing global locations, for the really right candidate, we are prepared to be flexible about location or relocate. However, you must have the right to work in the US, UK, EU, or Singapore. Unfortunately we can make no exceptions.

We are currently looking principally for the below positions. However, we also have some other positions available, so feel free to send us your resume if you have interests and experience in anything related to data analytics.

Senior Visualization / UI Engineer: Must have substantial skills and experience in both defining and implementing large-scale data visualizations in the context of reasonably complex web applications.

Senior Algorithms Engineer: Must have strong background in IR, NLP, or a similar discipline, or a strong math and algorithms background. You must be able to implement the tools as well as develop the underlying algorithms for this work, including the construction and manipulation of large graphs and hypergraphs. We strongly prefer someone with a history of having worked on high-value IR, SNA, or data mining problems and who has the proven capability to do original work.

Senior Research Linguist: Must have good working knowledge of current CL techniques, especially those involving cross-language techniques. Ideally, you can code well, but it is not a must. Likewise, we would prefer someone who is fluent in at least 2 other languages, ideally one of which would be Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, or Arabic.

Candidates with prior military or IC experience are very welcome for all positions.

We also have some other positions available, so feel free to send us your resume if you have interests and experience in anything related to data analytics.

Please send your resume with at least a brief cover letter to:

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Press & Events

Linguistic Society of America to honor the lifelong contributions to the field of Dr. Richard Oehrle
Dr. Richard T. Oehrle Dr. Richard Campbell

Dr. Richard Campbell (pictured right) will be among those speaking at a symposium to honor the work of Dr. Oehrle at both Cataphora and Chenope. The talk is titled "Advances in Categorial Grammar and Its Application: In Memory of Richard T. Oehrle" and will be given at LSA's annual meeting in New York City on January 3, 2019.

Dick died of glioblastoma in 2018. From his M. I. T. days until the year before his untimely death, he made a number of significant contributions to the field of computational linguists.
"Mastermind of Paris attacks Farid Benyettou seeks redemption" Fox News primetime news show "Special Report" features a story on Chenope's French research partner CPDSI. Story aired on May 3.

Chenope intern wins prestigious fellowship

We are very pleased to announce that our intern Hai Tran Bach has accepted the prestigious Neubauer Graduate Scholarship to pursue a PhD degree in Statistics at the University of Chicago. The Neubauer scholarship is the premier fellowship program for graduate students in the physical sciences at the University of Chicago. Bach recently graduated from the University of Michigan, with a dual degree in Honors Mathematics (Pure Math) and Data Science. At the University of Chicago, Bach will likely focus on problems pertaining to computer vision.
In Memoriam of Richard "Dick" T. Oehrle
We announce with great sadness that our colleague Dick Oehrle passed away on February 21st. He had been diagnosed with gliobastoma, a highly aggressive type of brain tumor, roughly 2 years ago. He greatly exceeded the average life expectancy for this type of cancer, and in fact was able to catch detailed errors in a patent we were working on at the time, even well after the diagnosis.

Dick dedicated his career to the interaction between logic, language and computation, making significant contributions in both academia and industry. His Ph.D. dissertation at MIT was about the English dative alternation. For many years, he worked as a professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona. In his scientific publications, he delved into Lambek calculus, categorial grammars, and labeled deduction.

In 2004, Dick joined Cataphora, a startup that analyzed and predicted human behaviour from large amounts of digital information in the contexts of investigation and litigation. As Chief Linguist, Dick built and led the computational linguistics group at Cataphora for nearly a decade at which point he joined EY (formerly Ernst & Young) as a key man when Cataphora sold its private sector digital investigation and e-discovery business. After four years at EY, he semi-retired, joining Chenope on a part-time basis. Dick brought in invaluable computational linguistic expertise. His particular area of interest at Chenope was indexicality. He inspired everyone on board with his continuing intellectual curiosity, and the enthusiasm for work he believed in and loved - even after his diagnosis.

It was an extraordinary privilege and honor to work with Dick. He was a truly gentle and kind man who was never too busy to explain a concept, or assist a colleague. He will be greatly missed by all of us at Chenope.

UPDATE: An endowment has been established with the Linguistics Society of America to fund a lecture in Dick’s name at the European Summer School in Language, Logic and Information. For more information, please visit:
January 17th: Chenope's Dr. Katya Saint-Amand gives an invited lecture at the University of Edinburgh.

2017 and Previous

September 20, 2017: "Path to Radicalization Winds through Shame and Loneliness" Article by Chenope and CPDSI, published on The Cipher Brief.
September 5, 2017: "ISIS Recruiting: It's Not (Just) Ideological" Article in Foreign Policy Research Institute by Chenope's partner in France, CPDSI.
December 7th, 2015: Chenope CEO Elizabeth Charnock being interviewed by Jan Tussing of German National Public Radio for a documentary on Big Data and Privacy commissioned by Schauspiel Frankfurt, a major German cultural center which dates back to 1592. The short form of the documentary will be launched in Frankfurt this coming March.
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