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Common sense – at the scale of the Internet

Chenope’s patented technologies aim to restore common sense to the Internet by identifying Big Coordination™ to spread disinformation online.

The internet contains vast amounts of information, but only small slivers of true knowledge. The rest is a colorful, highly dynamic patchwork web of self-promotion, individual streams of consciousness, and rants. Among this, coordinated groups emerge –  manipulating and distorting reality.

The Truth is irrelevant

Our aim is not to uncover the Ground Truth. There are too many shades of grey on a vast spectrum of subjectivity. Instead, we focus on what we can objectively measure.

Coordinated efforts leave unmistakeable mathematical signatures, whether it is bots programmed to post content, or human workers who follow prepared scripts and rules.

Big Coordination™
at work

Big Coordination™ is at play in different domains and contexts. The underlying technology is designed for reusability across these varied areas.

Here are some examples of our work